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Farewell to Summer

I’ve finished Orchestration 2 (Berklee Music Online, Ben Newhouse)!

This was an amazing course.  Lots of work, as expected, but I’m coming away from it with an arsenal of useful tools.  When I finished Orchestration 1, I felt very unsure about my orchestration skills.  (Actually, I felt lucky that I’d been able to write and orchestrate a complete song for orchestra.)  But I didn’t have the confidence to continue writing for orchestra.  Now I do.

Take a listen to “Farewell to Summer”.  (From this link, or from the play list at the right of the screen.)  To me, this music captures the bitter-sweet end of summer–good memories thinking back on sunny days (on the golf course) and melancholy to be leaving those days behind, with winter ahead.

I welcome your comments on this music.

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