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Film Scoring 101…almost done!

I can’t believe I’ve finished the last week of my Berklee Film Scoring class.  I’ve learned a ton over the last three months!  Our final project is to score a minimum of two of the cues for a 5-minute documentary film on Waterford Crystal (Ireland).  I suspect that most of us are going to try to score overlapping cues for the whole thing; I know I am.  Fortunately, I have until January 4 to complete this.  My days off this week are certainly coming in handy!

As you can see, my son has been working on my website for me.   (How’s that for a fantastic Christmas gift?)  My videos now display and play properly, so you can finally watch “Butterflies”.  :)   Additionally, he has set up a player, where you can choose songs to listen to.

I just added another video, “The Attic” (working with footage from the TV show, Providence).  As with the Butterflies video, this footage was provided for our student assignments.  The “real” videos had different music and better video files (with no SMPTE code printed on it).

December has been a cold month in a lot of places, so I invite you to listen to “Summer at the Lake”.   If it’s cold where you are, as well, close your eyes, relax for a few minutes, and let the music invoke memories of the warm, lazy days of summer.

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The Attic

This is an assignment I did for Film Scoring 101 (Berklee Music online).  Note that this was an assignment, only, and the broadcast version (Providence) had different music!  This was my first film scoring project, and I was very excited to discover that the math prep I did actually had the music syncing properly to the video. (Imagine!)

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