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I’ve Finished my Certificate Program!

I’m finally coming up for air, having successfully completed my Introduction to Game Audio course–which was the third and final course required for my ”Orchestrating & Producing Music for Film & Games (Specialist)” certificate from Berklee Music.  This course was definitely the most difficult for me–and most labour-intensive.  My instructor was really great, though, and always willing to assist.

I’m going to postpone my next Berklee course until January.  In the meantime, I have several other music projects I want to work on, a grandbaby to look forward to (and sew for), several stained glass projects to complete…and plans to play plenty of golf!

For right now, I’m basking in the glow of having accomplished what I set out to do, and savouring a hard-won victory.

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Berkleemusic Celebrity Online Scholarship


I received word at noon today that I’ve been awarded a Berkleemusic Celebrity Online Scholarship in the name of Michel Camilo (

This means I’ll be able to take another Berkleemusic online course, after all. I’ve been vacillating between grinning and weeping ever since I found out!  

Now I need to decide what to take next, which is going to be really tough.  I have so much yet to learn….

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Introduction to Audio for Games – Week 1

Oh, boy! Where do I begin to express my ignorance on this topic? I bring no experience and no innate gaming skills to the table. Thank goodness for my son, an avid gamer. I’ll be calling on his assistance on a regular basis, I’m afraid.

One of my assignments this week was to take an online quiz on game sounds, where we had to identify the game by the sound played. I got 3/18…and counted myself lucky to have gotten that. (Apparently the odds on guessing aren’t all that great.) Three. Hmm. Wow.

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